2016 has been a fantastic year here at Sharp Shots Photo Club! We have had so much fun teaching photography clubs and photography courses for kids!

After school Photography clubs have been a massive success, with lots of children really getting to grips with how to use a camera and take a great photograph. We have been SO impressed with the quality of the images they have been producing! Each term at the after school photography classes is different. We cover so many themes and topics so that the children get a really wide range of knowledge, technically as well as creatively. Themes such as:

  • Action
  • Flash
  • Toys
  • Seasons
  • Perspective
  • Shapes and Textures
  • Colour
  • Bugs and Bubbles
  • Water
  • Macro
  • Frame within a frame
  • Selfies
  • Black and White
  • Blur
  • Hide and Seek
  • Jigsaw Puzzles

One of our favourite themes to teach is ‘Season’. The children learn how to photograph each season throughout the terms of photography club. This theme is great because each season is so different and so each presents their own challenges and surprises when photographing them! Winter is very low light, so themes such as flash and black and white are always great. Spring is great for themes such as bugs and bubbles, as nature is starting to come back to life! Summer can be very harsh bright light, but the warm long days means themes like action and continuous shooting work really well and are always great fun! Autumn is great for colour week, as the bright bold reds and greens really stand out beautifully in photographs.

It has been a challenge to choose just a few of the best photographs from this years after school photograph clubs, but here’s some of our absolute top favourites:

dscn2864 dscn4721dscn4474 dscn3735dscn2947 dscn3101Sharp Shots Photo Club Blur SP-LRB-052116May2016_milla willmott_boxgrove_frames_0594tillingbourne-action-dylan137520160510-Luke Burrows-St Pauls-052720160504-Ellena Ashworth-Bubbles and Bugs-222320160504-Aneira Norris-Bubbles and Bugs-0400 evie-wrightlibby-barrlayla-dallaway-week3-st-pauls

Photography courses don’t stop when school terms do! We run several half term and weekend photography classes for kids and teenagers. Brooklands museum in Weybridge, Surrey, is a popular favourite for keen transport fanatics and photographers alike! This photography class is for 7-15 year olds. The kids are taught how their camera works, and then we go out and photograph the amazing cars and planes! (for information about our 2017 classes here, check out our Brooklands Museum page!) Here’s a few of our favourite Brooklands museum photography course photographs from 2016:


In March this year we took part in the Innovate Guildford Festival. Bringing together Science and the Arts.

Photography courses for kids

In September we were at the Always the Sun Festival in Guildford’s Stoke Park! Here we ran fun photography workshops for children, come rain and shine!

A5 always the Sun Flyer_July 16 side 1

In October we were at the Family Travel Show in Olympia, London. We taught photography workshops, giving great tips on how to take great photos on holiday!

See us at Family Travel Show 4

Some of the most exciting Sharp Shots news this year was our founder, Lillie, giving photography tips on The Lets Go Club on Cbeebies in September! (Clip still available to watch, here).


Another piece of exciting news for 2016 is that we are now supported by Nikon School UK! We have already been using Nikon Coolpix camera’s at our after school photography clubs, but this means more camera’s, more photography workshops and more fun! Keep an eye on our Photography courses page for Sharp Shots/Nikon School workshops in the new year!


All in all, this year has been full of fun, friends, new skills, fresh talent, and lots and lots of incredible photographs.

Thank you all for an amazing year, here’s to an even more exciting and fun filled 2017!