Workshops 2020 – Covid 19

Sharp Shots will be holding venue workshops. Sharp Shots will hold the workshops in accordance with Government Guidelines applicable at that date of the workshop.

    • All of our 2020 workshops will be held outside and at no time will any part of the workshops will be held inside.
    • We will endeavour to make sure toilets will be available for use, however, we cannot confirm that toilets will be available when the booking is made.
    • There will be no facility for holding bags or valuables – we advise students to bring a rucksack and keep all valuables, clothing, etc on them at all times. We cannot be responsible for any students valuables whilst attending on our workshops.
    • Drink bottles should be stored in the childs bag or rucksack. Only send children with food items that they can open and eat independently. No food or drink should be shared.
    • Our instructors will offer hand sanitizer to attendees, please state before the workshop if you do not want your child to use hand sanitizer.
    • We request  that drop off and collection is limited to one parent or carer per family and all groups arriving at site adhere to the 2M distance while queuing to enter the club.
    • Sharp Shots reserve the right to undertake temperature tests, request a verbal declaration of health daily, and have the right to refuse entry (with a full refund) if we believe a child to be ill.
    • Cash payments should be avoided.
    • Unless we have a very positive, dry weather forecast, we strongly advise students to bring wet weather clothes including umbrellas as there will be no option for going inside.
    • In the event of a particularly bad weather forecast prior to the workshop, we may have to cancel last minute, please take this into account when booking.
    • Please be aware that if Government Guidelines are tightened this could make the workshop unviable and we may have to cancel.
    • Currently Govt guidelines allow for a maximum of 6 individuals to meet outside (5 students & 1 tutor). We will therefore close bookings to all workshops at 5 students. However, if Govt Guidelines are relaxed prior to the date of the workshop and more individuals are allowed to meet then we will re-open the workshop and may allow the maximum number under Govt Guidelines to book on.
    • Do not attend a Sharp Shots workshop if you (or any of your household) have contracted or are displaying symptoms of Covid 19
    • General Cancellations – Please see our cancellations policy on our T&C’s