There was a lot of excitement this week with the start of the summer term children’s photography club! This week’s theme was ‘My Camera’ and we encouraged children to familiarise themselves with our lovely Nikon Coolpix S32 cameras – how to turn the camera on, how to use the zoom, how to focus, change between different photo styles and re-play their images. Once the kids were happy with basic camera controls, it was time to head out and spend some time outdoors photographing many inspiring things in the school yard using all the different camera settings!

Here are a few of the many photos students took using a range of camera settings:


SharpShots Photography Club Neon effect – one of the favourites!DSCN0265Great use of ‘Add a bubble effect’!

DSCN1511Close-up or Macro effect

DSCN0274Another great use of Macro-effect. Also an example of excellent focus control!

DSCN0652Mirror effect

FSCN1626Nice action shot with the use of vivid colours and vignetting

In the next few weeks of after school photography club, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice camera use, perfect focus and learn about different aspects of photography. We will cover some fun topics, including taking action shots, introducing blur, the use of colour and photographing bugs and bubbles! Students who have attended our club before will be encouraged to think about using techniques and settings they are already familiar with in a more creative way, and trying to think about design while taking a photo.

DSCN0455Fantastic eye for photographic design from a student who previously attended one of our photography classes

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