Schools are back but we are still buzzing from our Summer holiday photography courses for kids!

This year we had a brilliant break from school clubs with our summer holiday photography courses for kids. We visited loads of venues across the UK and had great fun teaching photography to the next generation. We thought you would like to see what we got up to so here we go, a summer of snapping!

First up, Nature Photography at Hatchlands Park in Surrey.

Hatchlands Park provides a beautiful backdrop for a summer holiday photography courses for kids. It has loads of trees and flowers, as well as ponds, animals and a magnificent house. So it is perfect for nature photography! We used the flower and landscape setting a lot in this class to take close up photos of detailed flowers and big landscape images. We also used the action setting to photograph the birds, bugs and animals. Composition was taught too, as it is important to get the photo looking exactly right. Here are some of the kids best photographs:

Girl taking a photograph on a photography course at Hatchlands Park

Boy taking a photo of a donkey on summer photography course for kids

child taking a photograph at a photography workshop at Hatchlands Park Photograph of a donkey taken by a child on a kids photography workshop at Hatchlands Park

Landscape photograph of Hatchlands park taken on photography course for kids

Oscar, age 10

Colourful flower photograph taken at Hatchlands park

Imogen, age 9









The next course was our 3 day photography course for 9-15y/o at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire.

On day one the students learnt all about aperture. They used the aperture priority setting to take close up photos and blur backgrounds, and to take wide landscape photos with everything in focus. Here are some of the best photos from day 1:

Child taking a photo of flowers at Waddesdon Manor on kids photography course

Group photograph of all the kids on a Waddesdon Manor photography course

Kids practicing perspective photography on photography course at Waddesdon Manor

Close up abstract photograph of a flower


Colourful photograph of flowers and a statue at Waddesdon Manor


Close up of a bee on a purple flower taken by young photographer


Waddesdon Manor fountain photograph taken on kids photography course


Photograph of a flower with shallow depth of field


A low camera angle used to get a different perspective of Waddesdon Manor














On day 2 the theme was shutter speed. Students learnt how to use fast and slow shutter speeds to capture fast movement perfectly still or blurred across the image. It’s a great technique to get the creative juices flowing! Here are their awesome day 2 photographs:

learning how to use a fast shutter speed on kids photography course in Buckinghamshire Photographing friends jumping on photography course Group photograph of children learning how to pan on Buckinghamshire photography courseLearn how to draw with light on kids photography course at Waddesdon Manor

Creating spooky photographs with slow shutter speeds


Abstract photograph of child rolling down a hill using a slow shutter speed


Photographing water coming out of a fountain using a fast shutter speed


Photograph of a water balloon popping using a fast shutter speed


Grasshopper hiding in the grass photo taken by a child















Day 3’s theme was composition. Students were encouraged to use the skills they learnt over the past 2 days as well as thinking about the rules of composition. Rule of thirds, frame within a frame, angles and perspectives well all discussed and practiced on this final day. The day ended with an exhibition of all of the students amazing images for their families to come and visit.

Photographing beautiful landscape views at Waddesdon Manor Kids getting creative with cameras using different angles and low perspectives Preparing for a kids photography exhibition at Waddesdon Manor

Photograph of Waddesdon Manor from a creative view point


Green fields and trees landscape taken by young photographer


Landscape photograph of colourful fields taken on Waddesdon Manor photography course


Buildings photographed through the branches of trees


Waddesdon Manor in the sun


Black and white photograph of leaves taken at Waddesdon Manor














It was off to London next for ‘Photographing Summer Sun’ in Archbishops Park.

Archbishops Park is a great Central London location for a kids photography course. This is because it is an enclosed space but still has views of the London eye, loads of flowers and trees to capture and even a play park and sports areas to photograph action, all without having to head out onto the busy streets. For this course the children were learning how to use their cameras to photograph all things summery! This included flowers and trees, blue skies, wildlife, running and jumping and more!

Children being taught how to photograph action fast shutter speed in London Children photographing pigeons in London Summer holiday photography courses for kids in London

Photograph taken through a bench using frames and lines to draw the eye in


Flower photographed from underneath for an interesting perspective












Scotney Castle in Kent was the next venue we held a summer holiday photography courses for kids at.

It was off to Kent to teach photography at the amazing national trust property Scotney Castle. The theme for this course was ‘Scotney Castle in Bloom’. Focusing on use the flower/macro setting and aperture to capture the beautiful flowers and foliage against the backdrop of the Castle.

Kids photographing trees at Scotney Castle Kent Boy photographing Scotney Castle on kids photography course in Kent Learn how to photograph close ups of flowers on kids photography course

Scotney Castle through the grass on kids photography course

Amiya, 10

Duck flapping its wings in the water taken by young photographer in Kent

Oliver, 10

Close up of a butterfly on a yellow flower

Harriet, 11

Photograph taken at a low angle of flowers against the sky

Esme, 11

Macro photograph of purple flower taken on kids photography course

Emilia, 11

Yellow flower taken from the side at Scotney Castle in Kent

Dulcie, 11















One of our favourite venues for photography courses is Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, so that was next!

Brooklands museum is jam packed with cars, engines, motorbikes, bicycles, planes and loads of other modes of transport. This course is all about learning how to use aperture to photograph the close up details, and shutter speed to photograph the fast moving cars along Brooklands track!

Car speeding along Brooklands track on kids photography course

Atticus, 7

Close up of car lights taken on Brooklands Museum photography course

Kutay, 11

Reflection photograph of shiny motorbike side car at Brooklands Museum

Lilia, 11

Brooklands museum Concorde photographed from underneath

Seyyid, 9

Airplane photographed from above by young photographer

Toby, 9

Fast race car photography course

Kutay, 11











We travelled North next, to Tatton Park in Cheshire to photograph all things Summer!

Tatton Park is a stunning venue and a perfect place for photography courses for kids, due to its diversity and beauty. Our students learnt how to photograph close up’s of flowers and bugs, action shots of birds and other wildlife, and big landscape shots.

Photographing flowers on kids photography course at Tatton Park Kids photographing ducks at Tatton Park in Cheshire Girl photographing the beautiful landscapes at Tatton Park

Macro sunflower photograph taken on kids photography course in Cheshire

Elsa, 9

Photograph of a duck through the reeds taken on kids photography course at Tatton Park

Lee, 10

Bridge over a pond at Tatton Park photography course for kids in Cheshire

Libby, 10










WOW! What a fantastic Summer full of fun Summer holiday photography courses for kids! If you know someone aged 7-11, head to our kids courses page to book them into one of our upcoming Autumn photography courses. Or if you know a teenager aged 12-15, we also run photography courses for them, so head to the teens courses page to see what we have coming up. We look forward to seeing you soon!