We had a brilliant break full of Summer holiday photography courses for teens!

We’re still buzzing from this years summer holiday photography courses for teens. We visited loads of venues across the UK and had great fun teaching photography to the next generation. We thought you would like to see what we got up to so here we go, a summer of snapping!

First up, Nature Photography at Hatchlands Park in Surrey.

Hatchlands Park provides a beautiful backdrop for a summer holiday photography courses for teens. It has loads of trees and flowers, as well as ponds, animals and a magnificent house. So it is perfect for nature photography! We used the aperture setting a lot in this class to take close up photos of detailed flowers with shallow depth of field and big landscape images with a large field of focus. We also used shutter speed to photograph the birds, bugs and animals. Composition was taught too, as it is important to get the photo looking exactly right. Here are some of the teens best photographs:

Teens using great angles to photograph Hatchlands Park Teens photographing a donkey at Hatchlands park Summer photography courses for teens at Hatchlands ParkClose up of a duck taken on a teens photography course

Sheep landscape photograph taken at Hatchlands Park in Surrey

Freya, 12

Bright coloured orange flower with a fly on it

Charlie, 12

Photograph up a tree great perspective photography course
Blue sky with a little bit of tree at the bottom rule of thirds photography course

Charlie, 12

Blurred photograph taken using a slow shutter speed on photography course for teens

Freya, 12














Our next photography course was all about photographing Summer in Richmond.

Richmond is a fantastic place for photography courses for teens. There is so much to see, from the nature, wildlife and vast landscapes of Richmond Park, to busy street scenes down by the River Thames. As this was a full day course, we were able to delve into aperture and shutter speed in more detail so the teens were able to learn how to use their camera in many different situations. We started the course in the park to practice aperture on the flowers and foliage, and then after lunch we head down to the river to photograph the busy street scenes and birds flying everywhere.

teens photographing flowers on photography course in Richmond Photographing the view of Richmond on teens photography course Teen photographing the boats on the river thames

Colourful yellow flower with shallow depth of field

Ava, 12

Pigeons flying taken using a fast shutter speed

Elsie, 13

Fast shutter speed used to photograph a heron mid flight on teens photography course

Flynn, 13

Slow shutter speed creative blur

Karina, 12

Views of the River Thames in Richmond

Lauren, 13

Close up photograph of water droplets caught in a spiders web

Maeve, 15














Next we were off to Nikon School in London to teach a Street Photography course for teens!

Nikon School is a brilliant venue for London photography courses for teens. We spent the morning using the aperture priority setting to photograph close up images with background blur, and big street scenes without any blur. The afternoon was all about shutter speed. Using it for panning, creative blur on the streets or to stop motion completely. The teens also used black and white photography a lot to mimic the classic street photography look.

teens photography course in London Teen photographing in London Teen street photographer in london

Reflection of building in car windscreen black and white

Esme, 12

Interesting shop window in london black and white

Evie, 12

Architecture photography in london

Harrison, 13

London street scenes

Ines, 13

Documentary photography in london playing card on the pavement

Maud, 14

Street photography woman walking in london in black and white

Nancy, 12

Panning photograph of a cyclist in london
London street scene reflected in shop window


Colourful busy london street scene




















The following day we were back in London, however this time we were at Archbishops Park photographing the Summer Sun!

The day started with a kids photography course, read about that here. But in the afternoon we were teaching teens how to use their camera to photograph all things Summer in London. Archbishops Park in Central London is a really great spot for photography courses for kids and teens. It is situated directly behind Lambeth Palace, immediately South of Waterloo station and a few yards from the Thames.

Teens photographing the river thames Photography course in london for teens Teenager learning photography in London

Colourful London photograph of red telephone box on River Thames

Kameron, 12

Houses of parliament photograph through gaps in a bridge

Olivia, 13

England flag flying in the wind in London

Rosie, 13

Panning photograph of cars in London

Sophie, 14

Comical photograph of woman sat in front of the houses of parliament

Thomas, 14

Silhouette of the houses of parliament and england flag













Scotney Castle in Kent was the next venue for our summer holiday photography courses for teens.

Scotney Castle in Bloom was the theme for this teens photography workshop in Kent. The national trust venue has stunning blooms this time of the year, and with the backdrop of the castle and breathtaking landscapes, it is perfect for learning photography. Aperture was our main focus for this course. Using it to blur the backgrounds of close up photographs and to keep everything in focus when photographing landscapes. Here are the teens best shots!

Teen photographing flowers at Scotney Castle Teen learning photography at Scotney Castle Photographing nature at Scotney Castle in kent

Yellow flower against the blue sky

Evelyn, 14

Butterflies on yellow flowers at Scotney Castle Purple flower taken on teens photography course









Back to Surrey for our next teens photography course at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge!

Brooklands museum is full of amazing vintage cars, engines, motorbikes, bicycles, planes and loads of other modes of transport. This course is all about learning how to use aperture to photograph the close up details, and shutter speed to photograph the fast moving cars along Brooklands track!

Teen photographing an engine at Brooklands Museum Teens taking photos of cars at Brooklands Museum Teen photographing at brooklands museum

Close up detailed photograph of an engine

Emma, 14

Black and white photograph of detailed plane engine parts

Ian, 12

Abstract photograph of a plane at Brooklands museum

Iona, 13









To round off the summer we headed North to Tatton Park in Cheshire!

Tatton Park is a stunning venue and a perfect place for photography courses for kids and teens, due to its diversity and beauty. Our students learnt how to photograph close up’s of flowers and bugs, action shots of birds and other wildlife, and big landscape shots. Using aperture and shutter speed creatively.

Unopened sunflower photographed from above


Half of a sunflower taken using the rule of thirds

Maisie, 13

Photograph of a duck taken from a low angle

Maisie, 13

Bee in flight over a flower fast shutter speed photography course

Thomas, 14

Fast shutter speed photograph of water splashing in a pond at Tatton Park

William, 12

Photo of a tree photographed from below to make it look bigger than it is

Zeta, 11












WOW! What a fantastic Summer full of fun Summer holiday photography courses for teens! If you know a teenager aged 12-15, head to the teens courses page to see what we have coming up. Or if you know a child aged 7-11, we also run photography courses for them, so head to our kids courses page to book them into one of our upcoming Autumn photography courses. We look forward to seeing you soon!