We are photographing anything that reminds us of summer this week at after school photography clubs. Our students are encouraged to think about words and ideas that remind them of summer, and then use skills learned over the past few weeks to photograph the subject. Seasons are so inspirational, and many professional photographers use the theme in their work. Here are some photos taken by professional photographers:

Michael Yamashita Michael S. Yamashita

Michel Yamashita

Julie Bernald julie-bernal-lavender-night2

Julie Bernal

Our sharp shooters loved the theme and produced some stunning photos of grasses, flowers, insects, shadows, sunshine, green leaves, vibrant colours and much more! They were encouraged to think about seasons and what it means to them, as well as to use different settings on their cameras such as close up and landscape and different perspective to get the images they wanted. Here are some of their amazing shots!

20160523-Isabel Sayers-Summer--1311 20160523-Isabel Sayers-Summer--1451  20160523-Martin Bell-Summer--0804 20160523-Theo Ferenczy-Summer--0828 20160523-Isabel Sayers-Summer--1386 20160523-Isabel Sayers-Summer--1424

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