Online Photography Course Description

This course has been designed for teenagers and young adults who wish to learn how to get the most out of a DSLR camera and take shots like a pro.  Alternatively this is a great course helping improve existing knowledge. In this teens photography online course, we teach participants how their camera operates, how to use camera controls in the correct situations and most importantly, how to move away from the auto mode. Each week, we will present inspirational examples of other students work, and provide learning content through a combination of video tutorials, written lessons, practical exercises and quizzes. The course runs over 8 weeks, after which the photographer will have a whole new set of skills that he or she will be able to use in any situation, and a fantastic portfolio of images to kick off their hobby, or even career in photography.

Our online teens photography course has been developed by professional photography tutors who have many years experience teaching photography to teens & adults. It has been designed to enable learning from the comfort of home while providing engaging and educational material, with fun activities to inspire their creativity. The participants can take the course at their own speed, with no pressure or commitment. Although we do advise that its best to set time-frames for the modules to hold momentum, we believe that one or two modules per week is perfect, giving time for assignments and photography.

Sharp Shots have been teaching photography workshops for kids and teens to thousands of children in London and the South East. We have drawn on our vast experience teaching photography to create this online course which will expand your photography knowledge and inspire you to take great shots!

Who’s this for?

  • Teens and young adults who are starting out in photography
  • Teens and young adults who want to progress their photography
  • A great starting block to progress to a qualification course.
  • Anyone wanting to understand their camera functions to a higher degree
  • Teens and young adults who would like to trial photography before taking a qualification
  • We recommend this course for anyone 12 years of age and over
  • No prior photography knowledge is needed
  • Teens and young adults keen to learn a new skill, hobby, and/or build a portfolio of work

What you will learn?

  • How your camera takes a photo
  • The essentials of photography
  • Aperture and how to use it
  • Shutter Speed and how to make the most of it
  • Depth of field
  • How to use a dSLR camera, using basic camera controls
  • How to move off auto
  • How to use pre-programmed camera settings
  • How to use focus (Auto vs Manual)
  • How to use zoom
  • How to use flash/no flash creatively
  • Light and understanding its importance
  • Creative composition skills
  • To feel confident when using your camera

Course Summary

12 Modules:

  • Welcome module with welcome video
  • Helpful Information module – loads of resources to make the students experience seamless and simple.
  • The Lessons (8 modules) 
    • 8 weekly lesson modules (students can move at their own pace, though we do recommend a minimum of 2 days per lesson module).
    • Each lesson module has a lesson video tutorial, a downloadable lesson booklet tutorial, an inspirational video showing previous students work & a curated question and answer quiz.
  • Congratulations, summary wrap up with video & next steps.
  • Final questions & contact details for any questions
  • Telephone and email support

Please see below for course details.

Course content detail

Prior to the Lessons

Welcome Section


Helpful Info Section

  • PDF -Transferring Photographs from your camera to your computer
  • PDF – How to join closed Facebook page
  • PDF – How to upload your photos to our Facebook Group
  • PDF – Which camera do I have?
  • TEXT DOC – Links to camera manuals
  • PDF – Glossary
  • TEXT DOC – How to sign up for the Webinars
  • TEXT DOC – Share your Images!

Lesson 1. Intro to your camera

  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

In this lesson you will learn how your camera takes a photograph through focus, aperture and shutter. The basic camera controls and an overview of the different  pre-programmed scene settings.

Lesson 2. Focus/Zoom

  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

Here, we explore focus, how to use it on auto and how to select which area of the photo to focus on. We assess manual focus, its importance and how to take creative out of focus images. Lens zoom is explored,  how to use it and get the most out from it.

Lesson 3. Flower setting

  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

Flower setting uses aperture in the camera’s lens to blur the background. This week explores aperture, composition and the use of flash in macro photography

Lesson 4. Landscape setting

  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

This lesson further explores aperture, this time in landscape photography. We talk about different compositional elements like the rule of thirds, and we teach the students about light and how to use it in landscapes

Lesson 5. Sports setting

  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

In this lesson we will be moving fast! covering shutter speed, burst mode and other great ways to compose great action shots

Lesson 6. Portrait setting

  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

Here, we cover the portrait setting and discuss why its a great setting for photographing people. We also introduce you to different ways of creatively photographing portraits and people.

Lesson 7. No Flash

  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

This week is all about the no flash setting. We go over how no flash setting works, where you can take photos using this setting, and we explore fun ways of taking creative shots

Lesson 8. Night Portrait

  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

Night portrait setting is great for taking different kind of portraits, and creative photos at night. We go through how this setting works, and give you examples and great tips on the types of shots you can try to create


“Thanks a lot, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a huge amount of information about my camera and its settings”


“William really enjoyed and got a lot out of the online tutorial yesterday. He is raring to go with his assignment for this week. I’m also looking forward to seeing the photos he takes with the new skills he learns. Thank you!”

– Vanessa

“I would also like to say a big thank you to you. I think that the course has been very well & professionally run. Jonathan has been very excited, inspired & motivated by it – and has also taught his dad how to use the camera properly!!”

– Isobel

“Molly really enjoyed the course and had great fun coming up with ideas each week and then executing them. I’m really proud of her for her efforts and she has produced some really lovely photographs. I think she will have a lifelong passion for photography as a result.”

– Andrew

“An inspirational course that really switched our students on to the possibilities of photography”

– M Watson, Head of Art, Duke of Kent School, Surrey

“Thank you for providing your photography course online. You were so positive and encouraging!”

– Samantha