Easter is almost here and that means one thing… no, not chocolate eggs (although that is pretty vital). It’s the end of term and time for the Journal Party! Journal parties are always lots of fun. We bring in yummy snacks for the kids to eat, and they receive the journal they’ve been working so hard towards. Each journal has 40 pages, and on those pages are the kids very best photographs from the term. Here’s what they look like:

Photo 20-03-2017, 2 10 55 pmPhoto 20-03-2017, 2 12 33 pm

Here’s some examples of the best photographs taken by our after school photography club kids this term:

Fergus AtkinsonRosa GiddyRosie HannaEvie WrightHolly ShirleyDSCN5196Ellie GreenLily-Rose BonnLayla DallawayOliver GregoryBridget SimsPheobe Cramp

We are so impressed, as always, with the photographs the kids take. They have journals to be proud of and a new skill to continue to grow in.

We hope you have a great Easter break and don’t forget to check out the courses we have for kids and teens over the holiday!