Summer is a great time to practice macro photography as there are loads of flowers and insects buzzing around everywhere! To obtain a nice sharp shot of your favourite flower or insect, try applying these techniques:

1. Change your camera mode to macro or close-up
2. Come close to your subject, half press the shutter button until you hear a beeping sound (this means your camera has focused on your subject), then fully press the shutter button to take a picture
3. Try putting your camera on 2s or 10s self timer to reduce camera shake (this really helps if it’s a cloudy day or you are taking a picture in the shade!)
4. Try photographing your subject from various angles

These images our students took are lovely examples of macro photography

20160523-Harry Dunsten-Summer--0385 20160504-Aneira Norris-Bubbles and Bugs-0400 stpauls-week1-ellie0928tillingbourne-week2-martin0276 20160504-Hollie Smith-Bubbles and Bugs-1732 20160523-Imogen Stevens-Summer--1507

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