This week’s hot weather spell is the perfect time to try out some underwater photography! You can try this in a paddling pool at home, at a local swimming pool or in the sea. Here are some of our top tips on how to take underwater photos that stand out:

1. Make sure you are using a waterproof camera – both Nikon and Canon make good quality affordable point and shoot cameras that can be used under water, or you can get one of the cheeper disposable cameras from Fujifilm or Kodak.

2. Get to know your camera settings – put your camera on underwater setting, and make sure your focusing square is on your subject and you are taking sharp shots

3. Think about your perspective and composition – try sitting at the bottom of a pool and take a shot of your friend swimming above you. For a more eye-catching composition, have your subject on the left or right of the picture – for example entering or leaving the frame. Here are a couple of great examples from Rio 2016!

Michael Phelps Underweater composition

Photo credit: Getty images/Francois Xavier Marit/Martin Bureau

Finally, don’t forget to splash and create lots of bubbles!!!