We have some more great examples from our “Winter” theme at last week’s after school photography clubs where the children really learned how to think outside the box. Due to the lack of snow, ice or Christmas, which is what the children thought of when we said the word “Winter”, they made use of the camera’s black & white and cartoon settings to create a more moody feel to their shots. They also used the leafless trees and dead plants to show what they thought winter was really like.

In one of last week’s childrens photography courses we were lucky enough to have a gorgeous bright sunset which, as the children pointed out, fitted the theme because in the summer the sunset would be much later in the evening rather than during photo club.

This week in photo club we have a very exciting theme for the children which is “painting with light”. The children will be using flash lights to write their names, draw hearts, spirals, outlines and words in their photos.

Find out more about the history of light photography here.

You can see some more of the best shots below and check out photos from our previous children’s photography workshops head to our Gallery.

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