We are keeping it seasonal this week at our After school Photography clubs, with the theme being “Autumn!” The children were shown some photographs by famous photographers to inspire them. The photographers we chose this week are Dennis Stock, Ian Berry and Peter Marlow.

Autumn is such an exciting time of year to get snapping because of all the colours popping and fun to be had kicking around in the leaves! It is also a theme in which several different camera settings can be used to create different effects. Dennis Stock’s image for example looks as though he has used a close up or ‘macro’ setting to capture the leave so sharp. Ian berry would have used a landscape setting to make sure the colours really popped and that the horizon line is straight. Peter Marlow would have used an ‘action’ or ‘take a series of pictures’ setting to capture the child running around and playing in the leaves. Keep reading to see how the children took these ideas and made their own amazing photographs!

Autumn leaves.

Dennis Stock

USA. Alaska. South Central Alaska. Fairbanks. Reflections in the river Chena that runs through the centre of the town showing the autumn (fall) colours of the trees.

Ian Berry

GB. London. Felix NAYLOR MARLOW's sixth birthday party. Felix in the autumn leaves. 2004.

Peter Marlow








Here are some photographs taken at the children’s photography classes this week! They have really been inspired and we are (as usual) very impressed with the talent we have seen so far this week! The vibrant colours of the leaves and flowers against a bright backdrop of the beautiful blue sky really makes for an eye-catching photograph. Also, because the sun is lower this time of the year, it means you could also try playing around with putting a leaf (or yourself!) in front of the sun to see what different effects that creates. Have fun and play around with the beautiful season we are in!