It is week 7 of after school photography clubs and we have been photographing all things Action!

Action is always a popular theme with the after school club kids. They love being able to jump around and capture some really cool photos of them and their friends! 

We always start the lesson by showing the kids some relevant photos taken by famous photographs to inspire them. This weeks photographers included the work of Chris Steele-Perkins and Philippe Halsman.

Chris Steele-Perkins

Philippe Halsman

Philippe Halsman








The camera setting the kids were mostly using is called ‘take a series of pictures’ (On Nikon Coolpix). This setting means that when the kids press and hold the shutter button, the camera takes multiple photos really fast, allowing the kids to capture that perfect moment when the subject is in the air. Or flicking their hair, or spinning around, or anything else action related! 

This week we also introduced Gorilla pods (kindly donated by Nikon). Gorilla pods are like tripods, but they have small bendy legs which the kids can wrap around fences, trees- anything! They can then use self timer on their camera and get a photo of themselves jumping! The after school club kids loved playing around with them and experimenting with the kind of photo they could get. 








As usual, the children have produced some really great images, here are some of our favourite shots!














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