This week at after school photography club the children used only the black and white setting on their camera which makes them focus on the contrasting light. When asked what emotions they thought of when we said “black and white”, the responses were “moody”, “sad” and “scary”, which is already an excellent concept of the theme!

Considering this is quite a broad theme in terms of what they can photograph, the children had to think about how to bring contrast and emotion into their pictures, how to make the whites and blacks stand out.

They initially focussed on plants, flowers and their friends, before realising they can use previously learned skills to make their pictures more interesting. For example, we had some students using “perspectives” and some using “action” to make their photos more dramatic.

Below you can see some of the great shots the children came up with at this week’s children’s photography workshops which show they really understood and appreciated the theme.

bushyhill-b&w-hollie1173 bushyhill-b&w-dylan1009 bushyhill-b&w-dylan0968 bushyhill-b&w-aneira1602 stpauls-b&w-oscar2057 stpauls-b&w-oscar2013