We’re super excited to be back with a new term at Sharp Shots Photography Club! We hope you all enjoyed your New Year and are getting stuck in with those resolutions…This week we introduced some new faces and a few familiar ones to our cameras and asked them “What do they like to take photos of”?

First, we did a rock-and-roll outline introducing the camera’s key features. Showing where the shutter button is located and explaining what it does, how to use the zoom function and of course identifying the colours of the magic focus square. Green is go, red is no! Of course, the student’s attention was glued when we got to the creative styles!

The moment we walked outside, where a cat was resting peacefully, it suddenly had 16 students running over to take photos of it, poor cat!

It was a joy to see many students getting stuck in and being creative with their photos. Especially given the wet weather, there were some cool reflection photos! Luckily our Nikon Coolpix W100 cameras are waterproof and shockproof!

Take a look at our Sharp Shooter’s creativity from our first session!




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