Capturing winter scenes

Photographing winter in the UK can be quite a challenge. Not enough snow and frost, a lot of dreary days with rain and clouds can look boring, but a lovely setting can make up for that and the teens on the January Photography workshop in Richmond Park were able to take some great pictures.









On the day the students learned how the cameras work and about the different settings – especially about Focus and Aperture. They tried taking pictures in manual and auto focus mode. They discovered the difference between the “Landscape” and “Close up” mode and then moved on to different Apeture (f) stops. In the park, they took pictures in different f stops like f/4 and f/11 and then observed how a different f stop would change the outcome of the picture. They challenged themselves by taking pictures of patterns, abstracts, silhouettes and shooting in black and white – a feature that can capture the melancholy of the cold winter months. On their Photowalk in the Park they tried to apply the Rule of Thirds and thought about the Composition and how to change their view points to capture the spirit of the winter.









Richmond riverside and Park are lovely places for a winter walk and where the students can practice their skills of taking landscape pictures, close ups and animals as the park is always full of deer, people and their pets.

Top tips to capture cold winter days:

  • Get up really early!
  • Dress up warmly!
  • Look for light, interesting patterns, close ups and different view points – not just eye level!






Photographing winter scenes can be a difficult task, but the students did an excellent job. If  you are interested in learning about photography and how to take good pictures head over to our Website or Our courses list where you can find out more about all the workshops and courses that we run. If you love these photos, you will love our Instagram page.