This weeks theme at our after school photography clubs is “You are an ant today”! Using a combination of our Nikon Coolpix cameras and the children’s creative minds, we will try to take photographs of what you might see if you were an ant or small bug! Getting really low down on the ground and looking up to make the grass, trees and flowers seem massive is a really great technique to achieve this! And a lot of fun! It doesn’t have to just be nature though, like photographer Peter Kochia, you can create the same effect by playing around angles looking up at buildings, fences, toys, anything! Give it a go for yourself!
Some other professional photographers we are looking at this week are Dennis Stock and Stuart Franklin to inspire the children to experiment with different settings, styles and angles. Each of these photographers have managed to capture they’re surroundings and make things seem even bigger than they really are! We are really looking forward to our after school classes this week to see what the children come up with!

1970. Grass stalks backlit by the sun. (Brother Sun, page 51)

Dennis Stock


Peter Kochia

MALAYSIA. Kepong Forest Reserve. Crown shyness in the 'kapur' tree (Dryobalanops aromatica), one of the dipterocarps that, as they mature in the forest, develop mutual avoidance. 1997.

Stuart franklin