This week we focused on action photos at our after school clubs’, taking super SHARP shots of moving objects. We introduced the camera’s shutter to the kids, and they found out that when they press the shutter button to take the photograph, it literally opens and shuts the “shutter or door” to make the image. They needed a FAST shutter to catch the movement, so we showed them the “take a series of pictures” mode on the  Nikon Cameras. The kids learned how this “burst” setting helps to take multiple photographs, making sure they caught the action from start to finish in their pictures.

The students also used the self-timer so they could take photos of themselves in action. We provided them with a tripod each along with a ribbon, and they had the challenge of capturing themselves in the air, the ribbon in the air and as many other fun action-oriented shots as they could imagine!

Our young photographers learned how to photograph fast moments such as jumping and running, throwing and catching a ball, and cartwheels.  The kids used the Action setting on their camera’s to freeze the motion.

Check out their awesome action shots below:

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