Christmas is over, New year has been celebrated and children are back at school, which means After School Photography Clubs are back for the Spring term! We are excited to be covering a great range of themes this term, from portraits and landscapes, to colour and black and white- and everything in-between!

This weeks theme is ‘I love to take photos of…’. In this session we teach the children how the cameras work, where the shutter button is, how to zoom in and out, how to focus, and where all the fun scene settings are! Its a week of exploration of not only the cameras, but also a personal discovery for the children to figure out what they really love to photograph.

Each week we will be showing the children photographs by famous photographers to inspire their work and give them ideas. This week we will be showing them the work of  Raymond Depardon; to show how composition doesn’t always have to be the subject in the centre of the frame. Martin Parr; to show bright colourful photography/food photography. And Werner Bischof; to encourage the children to think about different angles and perspectives.

GERMANY. Berlin. 2013.. The New British USA. New York City. 1953.

Don’t forget to like/Follow us on social media for updates on how the children get on this week. We choose 2 of the best photographs from each week, and the children that take those photos become ‘Sharp shooter’ for the week. We post these photographs every day on InstagramTwitter and Facebook so everyone can enjoy them! Don’t miss out!