Photographing all things automotive at Brooklands museum in Surrey

Brooklands museum is the perfect place for automotive photography. With loads of amazing planes, engines, cars and bikes to photograph. Here’s what we got up to on our last photography course for kids and teens there! 

Photographing engines is a great way to get really creative photographs. Getting in really close to all the different components and positioning your camera in unusual ways can make the audience question what it is they’re looking at. And we think that is a great quality for a photograph! Here are some of the kids and teens close up engine shots:





Another way to take cool photos is to mess around with perspective and using reflections to create photographic illusions. Is the truck real or miniature? Has the second photo been edited to look like that or just a reflection? You can have loads of fun with it!





Next up we head over to the airplanes. Brooklands have an amazing concord which is perfect for experimenting with different angles and capturing unique photos of the plane. The kids and teens were also allowed to go into one of their other planes to photograph from the inside looking out. Very cool!










Then it was time for the kids and teens favourite. Photographing the cars speeding around the track! Its a great place for them to learn about shutter speed and capture some cool photos of the cars in action!





Finally, we head over to photograph some of the amazing old cars on display. Focusing on capturing unique angles and more interesting images. 





The kids and teens were great and their photos look fab! If you want to see more, head to our YouTube page and check out a short video we made from the day! If you’d like to book on to one of our future courses, head to our courses page or contact us!