Autumn photography fun at after school club!

This week at after school club the kids were having lots of Autumn photography fun! Autumn is a wonderful season for photography, the colours are vivid and the light is soft. To inspire our students photographs we showed them images taken by famous photographers. This week these images are by Hiroji Kubota, Richard Kalvar & Sergio Larrain.

Autumn photography Hiroji Kubota inspiring photograph

Hiroji Kubota

Autumn photography fun Richard Kalvar

Richard Kalvar

Black and white autumn photograph Sergio Larrain detailed leaf

Sergio Larrain






The Nikon Coolpix W100 cameras that we use at after school club have some great settings for the kids to use to make their photographs even better. This week they were using the ‘More Vivid’ setting, which makes the colours really pop, the black and white setting to remove all colour, the ‘Take a series of pictures’ setting which takes a burst of photographs (great for throwing leaves!) and the ‘Close up’ setting to really capture the amazing details of the leaves.

Autumn photography top tips:

  1. Think about your camera angle, don’t just photograph from eye level, get low and photograph in the leaves or find a high view point for a big landscape.
  2. It is great to photograph fallen leaves how you find them naturally, but also think about setting up your own still life image by arranging the leaves in a specific way.
  3. Play around with your cameras colour settings to see how you can improve or remove colour from your photographs.

Here are our after school photography club kids best autumn images:

Close up of a leaf with water droplets on it after school


Orange leaves falling down in autumn photography fun


Throwing leaves at after school photography club


Nikon coolpix mirror setting to make a funny shaped leaf


Perspective photography looking up a tree to make it look huge


Close up photograph of an autumn leaf, kids photography


Sunset through bare trees making silhouettes autumn photography


Loads of leaves fallen from the tree in Autumn


Autumnal landscape photograph taken by a child at school


Bugs perspective of autumn leaves on the ground


Creative photograph of autumn leaves through a hole in another leaf


Still life photo of colourful autumn leaves taken at after school photography club























The after school photography club children did amazing this week with their Autumn photographs! The photographs they have taken are brilliant, fun and colourful! If you love these photos, you’ll love our Instagram page! We post all our kids & teens photos, as well as little photos & videos of the kids & teens in action. Click here to find our page! If you’re interested in finding out more about our After School Photography Clubs then head to our After School Club page! We also run day workshops in schools, if this is something you would be interested in, head to our School Photography Workshops page.