This week it was all about taking creative BLURRY images! We encouraged the children to shake the camera about as much as they could, to run with it across the field and to spin it in a circle (as long as they have the wrist string attached!) The best way for the students to capture a great blurry shot was to put the self timer on, and then run, spin or shake the camera as much as possible! They tried using the fireworks option on the Nikons but they needed to be in shade for the image to come out.

The blurring became even more creative when there were more colours in the shot, so we encouraged them to find a coulourful area to blur!! In this session the children learned how to create a blurry image by thinking outside of the box as they have to force the camera to blur. They also learned how to use the self timer. The kids did a brilliant job of taking blurry photo’s, check them out below:

Our online photography after school club is designed to encourage children to learn new skills and explore their own creative talents in order to produce stunning and innovative photographs, as well as being great fun!  We believe that creativity needs freedom and, so, children are welcome to choose the kind of camera that they use for their projects and, are free to take indoor or outdoor shots as they so choose.

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