This week at after school photography club the children were given the choice of photographing bugs and/or bubbles.

For the bugs, this gave them the opportunity to locate and use the macro setting on their cameras to ensure the photo was as sharp as possible, as well as using the flash if the bugs were in a dark area. They really had to concentrate to get the bugs in focus.

For the bubbles it was the action setting so they could take pictures of bubbles “on the move”, where the camera takes several frames of the moving object to capture as it goes. Photographing bubbles also meant that the students’ perspectives were challenged, having to take photos above and below, as well as their depth of field when focussing on the bubbles.

To help inspire the children we showed them photos from some famous photographers including Andrzej Sykut and Richard Beech.

You can see some great shots from this week below and to check out photos from our previous children’s photography workshops head to our Gallery.

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