This weeks after school photography club started out with the theme ‘Bugs and bubbles’. We had great weather for this theme on Monday and Tuesday and so that’s what we did. The kids love the bubble machine and spending time hunting for creepy crawlies. The theme certainly isn’t easy, as bubbles and bugs alike move pretty fast! Between using the ‘shoot a close up’ or Macro scene setting, and the ‘shoot a series of pictures’ or Action scene setting, the after school club children were able to get some really great shots! Here are a few of our favourites:










There were so many other great photographs of bugs and bubbles- it was hard to choose this weeks sharp shooters! 

Because the weather was so rainy on Wednesday and Thursday, we changed the theme to portraits/story telling. We brought in loads of dressing up props and asked the children to either take interesting portraits of their friends, or tell a story in 9 frames. Its never ideal being stuck inside, especially when you’re a kid- you just want to run around! But we were really impressed with how the kids took on the challenge and produced some great shots.