Christmas is just around the corner which means our after school photography clubs have come to an end for the Autumn term! We have had so much fun, with themes throughout the term such as:

  • I like to take photos of..
  • Shapes and textures
  • Water
  • You are an ant
  • Action
  • Autumn
  • Halloween
  • Favourite photographer
  • Hide and seek
  • 5 Senses
  • Jigsaw Puzzles

And here is a selection of our favourite photographs:

dscn2864ellie-green-week-1-st-paulsdscn4356dscn4721dscn3495dscn3101dscn3825dscn2049dscn3331dscn3735 dscn2772dscn0253

The children at the photography clubs are so talented. The photographs above are just a small selection of their amazing images.

This week was journal week! Which means the children get given their journals with all their best photographs in them!

Sharp Shots Photo Club Journals-1743

We also eat lots of yummy snacks, and then the children are set a final photography challenge. We wanted to keep it festive so thought we would ask the children to photograph the letters of ‘Christmas’. However, theres a catch! They had to find the letters just using shapes and textures found in their surroundings. It’s not an easy challenge but they’ve done amazingly well! Heres what they came up with:norfolk-4


We are looking forward to the Photography clubs starting back up in the New Year, but until then, have a wonderful Christmas!