We can’t quite believe how fast the first half of summer term ended! We have covered so many different themes in the past few weeks, ranging from colour to still life to bugs and bubbles and finally summer (and more in between)! Our students were so enthusiastic each week, and have taken some truly wonderful photographs. In the first three weeks they have learned how to use their camera, get their picture in focus, use different settings on their cameras to make images more or less colourful, shoot close-up with the macro setting and photograph bubbles by using the high speed burst setting. These are some of their favourite images exploring those settings!

DSCN0626  stpauls-week1-amber0195 tillingbourne-week2-bridget2037 stpauls-week1-joew0505 20160504-Hollie Smith-Bubbles and Bugs-1732 20160509-Eve ScottBubbles and Bugs--1724

In subsequent weeks, our students learned about perspective by taking photographs of their favourite toy from many different angles, framing a photo with different types of frames, photographing still life in a studio-type setting and conveying a message through their photo by thinking about summer and what it means to them. Below is just a selection of so many great shots!

20160510-Luke Burrows-St Pauls-0474 DSCN0762 20160517-Jake Temple-Frame Within a Frame-2859 20160517-Isabel Sayers-Frame Within a Frame-0820 Sharp Shots Photo Club Still Life BH-HS-0800 20160523-Isabel Sayers-Summer--1424

We have lots of fun things planned for the second half of summer term and can’t wait to see what our students come up with next!

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