We are now heading into our second half term of our photography for kids after school club and having a look back at what the children have learnt so far. In the first half term of our after school photography classes they have covered an array of themes from colour and autumn to looking into their favourite photographers. The kids have got a lot of inspiration from the themes in our photography for children clubs, and have learnt a great deal about their cameras and what techniques to use. They have learnt simple camera techniques such as taking a photo, using the zoom and using the playback function, as well as more complicated techniques such as focusing and how to use the green box on screen to improve it, how to use different perspectives to get more creative shots and how to use colour to make more interesting shots. They have also been exploring all the different functions on the cameras in order to create more variety within their photos.

It is clear from their photos that they have learnt a great deal so far and their understanding and application of photography has improved drastically from their first photography class. They are now more aware of the subject they are photographing, it’s composition and it’s colour. We can’t wait to see what they learn next as we go into the second half term of our after school photography club.

Here are some of our favourite photos from the first half term of our kids photography classes. If you want to see even more, go to our after school photography club gallery here. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.