One of our favourite places to take children’s photography classes is Brooklands Museum in Weybride, Surrey. With various different scenarios and subject matter to adapt to, it’s the perfect location to learn about what their camera can do. This half term we took a group of children aged between 7 and 15 to the museum to teach them about how their camera works, and the amazing things they can do with it! After going over the camera settings they may need to use; for example: close up, action, black and white and low light, we set out to see how creative the children could get photographing the various mechanics and intricate details of engines.


We also explored the aeroplanes, the concord being the most fascinating and exciting of them all! We encouraged the children to think about all the different angles they could use to create the most eye catching photograph. Another good technique the children learn is to not photograph just looking straight on, but to think about crouching town, holding the camera above their heads or at hip level or pointing the camera up or down to make things look bigger or smaller – all of which are lots of fun to try!


The old fashioned cars make for amazing photographs because they’re so beautiful to look at. They’re polished up so shining brightly and have incredible details which, using the close up or macro setting on their camera, the children could photograph really clearly.


And last but not least, it was time to use the action setting on the cameras. At Brooklands Museum they have a great track which the cars zoom around on, which makes for a great photo opportunity for the children to try out taking photographs of a moving object, whilst keeping it really sharp and in focus.


We are always amazed at how fast time goes and how much fun is had at this kids photography club. The photographs they produce are exceptional, and something to be really proud of. The children leave the club with a smile on their face, having learnt some key skills to improve their photographic knowledge, and a foundation on which to build upon as they continue to explore this wonderful medium!

We will be running another children photography class at Brooklands Museum on January 2nd 2017, so get in touch or check out our Photography courses for kids page for more information.