At Sharp Shots Photo Club, we love meeting enthusiastic photographers of all ages when we host photography workshops across London and the South East of England. However, we’d like to help more people enhance their photo-taking talent. As well as help people to discover more about the art form we are so passionate about. This is why we have created online photography courses so you can learn photography online.

Learn Photography Online With Sharp Shots Photo Club Webinars

Sharp Shots Photo Club has been working hard to encapsulate all of the elements of our photography courses in an online format. We may not be meeting you at Petworth House or The Photographers Gallery, where some of our workshops take place. However, we have still maintained the personal touch with live webinars. Furthermore, there are lots of ways to get in touch with our professional photography team.

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What photography courses for kids and teens are on offer?

To start with, our first online photography courses will be for kids and teens. We will then expand to suit all age ranges as well as having different courses available for different abilities.

We also offer GCSE resources as well as Duke of Edinburgh online courses.

Free Photography Online Course Taster

One of the first online photography courses will be a compilation of our top tips, which you can access for free. Sign up with your email here to ensure you don’t miss the launch or access to the free course.
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Why learn photography online?

  • Convenience – Learning online means you can learn at a time and pace to suit your needs. No need to plan a day or time when you can attend a workshop or class.
  • Inspiration around you – Online photography classes will mean you will have to search around you to find inspiration and places to practice what you learn. This may open your eyes to your local area and help you to discover new favourite places.
  • Learn with the family -Offering courses for adults, teens and kids mean that everyone can learn something new about photography. We hope that when you learn photography online, it will fuel your passion and inspire others to do the same!

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