Landscape Photography Top Tips!

Watch our Landscape Photography Top Tips video for some really helpful pointers when taking landscape photos:


Our top tips for photographing great Landscapes:

  • Use your Landscape setting or your Aperture priority setting (A/Av) and use a big f/number like f/16 or f/22 for a big depth of field
  • Hold your camera different ways to frame your photograph differently







  • Think about where you place your horizon. Use your rule of thirds to place your horizon at the top or the bottom of your frame





  • Think about angles, get down low and photograph pointing up, or go high and point your camera down, changing your perspective and creating an interesting viewpoint for the audience





  • Use long shadows, paths or rivers to your advantage, use them to abstract your scene, create an interesting composition or draw the viewers eye into the photograph







  • Have fun and remember to tag us in your photographs so we can enjoy them with you!