Bugs and Bubbles was the theme at last week’s after school photography club. Our students loved the challenge of finding different insects in their school yard and trying to capture bubbles drifting in the wind. Kids practiced photographing insects using Macro setting on their cameras, and locking the focus by half pressing the shutter button. Here are a few examples of bugs which some of our sharp shooters captured on the day!

20160504-Dylan Benneworth-Bubbles and Bugs-1405 20160504-Hollie Smith-Bubbles and Bugs-1732 20160504-Jayden Howarth-Bubbles and Bugs-0334 20160504-Aneira Norris-Bubbles and Bugs-0400 20160504-Dylan Benneworth-Bubbles and Bugs-1365 20160504-Ollie Nixon-Bubbles and Bugs-1177

To photograph bubbles successfully, we switched our camera setting to continuous shooting which allowed us to keep up with the action and photograph bubbles as they moved. Our sharp shooters were also encouraged to try different perspectives – to photograph bubbles from the top, bottom, side and against different backgrounds.

20160504-Ellena Ashworth-Bubbles and Bugs-2324 20160504-Ellena Ashworth-Bubbles and Bugs-2223 20160504-Mariam Babar-Bubbles and Bugs-0420 20160504-Mila Kramer-Bubbles and Bugs-0397 20160504-Hollie Smith-Bubbles and Bugs-1734 20160504-Jayden Howarth-Bubbles and Bugs-0330

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