Blur is great tool to add to your photography skills toolbox as it adds interest and sense of motion to a photograph. Last week, our after school photography club students have taken inspiration from nature and landscape photographer Aaron Reed, and contemporary American photographer Uta Barth (examples below) to create some of their own dynamic and abstract photographs.

Aaron Reed Uta Barth

To take a successful image, lower your shutter speed or set your camera on night-time or fireworks mode. Then, twist and shake your camera, spin with it and zoom in and out to see the range of different effects you can get. You can also try to use flash, and many different colours in your shots to add some more interest to your photographs. These are just a few images our very talented and creative sharp shots students took!

Sharp Shots Photo Club Blur SP-JH-0521 Sharp Shots Photo Club Blur BH-ON-0521 Sharp Shots Photo Club Blur BH-DB-0521

Sharp Shots Photo Club Blur SP-EG-2040 Sharp Shots Photo Club Blur SP-LRB-0521 Sharp Shots Photo Club Blur BH-HS-0521

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