Photography Classes Online for Beginners

Children and teens should be encouraged to follow their passion and if photography is a passion of theirs, then they should pursue it. Photography classes online for beginners will offer the perfect platform for them to begin using a camera and learning the basics of photography. Some children and teens prefer to learn in an environment that enables them to feel safe and comfortable, which is why online classes are perfect for them.

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Beginner Online Photography Classes

Regardless of geographical location, our online photography courses can provide distance learning for children and teens of all ages. With ten years experience of teaching children and adults, our courses are designed in a way that enlightens, encourages and provides all with the enthusiasm required to enjoy learning about photography.

Weekly Photography Modules Online – Video Tutorials

We offer seasonal photography courses that can take place throughout the whole year. These will provide students with weekly assignments and modules that are based around out successful afterschool programmes. The courses can begin immediately on start-up, enabling students to begin learning about photography instantly.

Each online course we offer has been professionally collated and they come with all of the required resources and video tutorials to enhance the learning experience. We ensure that we provide everything that our students need to learn about photography. Our experience and knowledge underpin our courses, delivering courses that are designed for success but also a superb learning experience.

Discounted Photography Courses Online

We believe that students should be given the opportunity to grow and learn and so, we provide discounts for follow-on courses. Therefore, if a student enrolls on a summer course, the follow-on autumn course will be discounted. Making courses accessible in every possible way is what sets us apart from the rest.

Gift Vouchers for Birthdays and Celebrations

If you know of someone who would enjoy and benefit from our online photography course, then why not purchase a gift voucher?

Our Sharp Shots voucher will provide them with access to our courses that have been specially created for children and based on our current courses in London and the South East.

All courses and gift vouchers can be purchased using our online secure payment gateway.

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Online photography courses