St. Mary’s Catholic School Photography Workshop, Wimbledon

Last Friday we ran a photography workshop for the kids at St. Mary’s Catholic school in Wimbledon. The day was split into two sessions. In the morning we were teaching key stage 2, and in the afternoon was a shorter session for key stage 2. They were all so excited to be using real cameras to take photos! We begun the workshop by going over how the camera works, and which settings the kids will need to use throughout the session. After they had perfected using the green square to focus, we head outside to get snapping! 

The first assignment for the children was to pretend they were an ant. What would an ant see as it was crawling along? The long grass? The bark of a tree? A giant foot?! The kids were great at seeing their surroundings through the eyes of an ant, here are some of their best shots: 










The next assignment was for the kids to capture their shadow jumping in the air. The way to achieve this is to put the camera on ‘Take a series of pictures’ so that it knows to take lots of photos really fast. Then jump and try and capture it! Here are some of the best ones:





They also had some time on their break to take some photos in their classrooms:





After break it was all about ACTION! Using the ‘take a series of pictures’ setting on their cameras to capture themselves and friends jumping or running or flicking their hair. This assignment is super fun and they got some really cool shots!










We had loads of fun teaching the Kids Photography Workshop at St. Mary’s Catholic school. We loved seeing them understand and love photography.

If you or your kids school is interested in us running a School Photography Workshop, head to the Workshops page on our website or get in touch via email