Treacle Gallery in Shere, Surrey, is the perfect spot for our Autumn children’s photography course. The small English village of Shere is beautiful year round, but with the colours of Autumn at their prime, it only made sense that photography workshop we ran this half term was based around the season! This course is for kids between the ages of 11-15 who are super keen to learn more about the mechanics of a camera and capturing that perfect shot. Aperture, shutter speed and iso are all explained and we encourage our students to use them creatively in their images. They use shutter speed to capture falling leaves and fast moving rivers, apertures to define textures and landscapes and iso to control the light.


We started out in Treacle gallery, teaching the children where to find and how to use these different settings in their camera, as well as learning what exactly is happening within the camera when they make these changes. All the buttons and dials can be quite daunting to begin with! From the classroom setting, we then ventured out into the village and the surrounding Surrey Hills to capture the essence of Autumn. There are so many photo opportunities with rivers, landscapes, old buildings, falling leaves, flowers, fences, berries, wildlife… the list is endless!


Each child walked away from the photography course with a brain full of new photography knowledge and a memory card full of fantastic photographs!

If you would like to attend one of these courses in the future then please get in touch or head to our Photography courses for kids page for more information!