In this wet session, the students learned how to capture water using our underwater cameras. We showed the kids the underwater setting and the action setting. The students used buckets, and water bottles to pour and slosh the water in various ways so they could capture interesting water shots. In this session the students learned how to use the different scene settings on the camera – underwater and action, learned how to “wait” for the right shot – patience is key! We also encouraged the students to try interesting angles such a low or right above the water as it sprays below.

Photographing water is amazingly fun. Especially when the Nikon Coolpix W100 cameras we use are waterproof! This week the camera setting we used was the action setting (fast shutter speed/take a series of pictures/burst). This setting allows the children to take a series of fast photographs one after the other to achieve that perfectly timed shot. If you want to learn how to photograph water, grab a waterproof camera, some cups, bottles or bucket or even some water balloons. Set your camera to the action setting and then shoot away! Have some fun, think outside the box and be creative!

Look at our students excellent water photos!


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