Last week’s theme of “mirrors” at our children’s photography workshops had all the students intrigued. Some understood the theme immediately and some were a little more unsure, but they all got the hang of creating a scene using reflections and loved seeing what they could come up with.

It made them think about what they wanted to capture in a small frame and also ensured they tried to capture the best shots rather than just clicking away.

This week’s theme is one that the children always love – action. This is all about taking sharp shots of a moving object. The kids will learn that when they press the shutter button to take a photograph, it literally opens and shuts the “shutter door” to make the image.

Check back later in this week to see some of the work from our after school photography clubs!

You can see some of the best shots from last week below and to check out photos from our previous children’s photography workshops head to our Gallery.

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